• ©Alyssa Skyes

The Pause

Having waited long and dormant

Slipped a pause of great enforcement

Set to bend all it’s silence

men were paused, men were noticed

Now off the boats sail alone

To places masters may not roam

Save the wind still on the clock

Save currents splash on cliff n rock

Save the leaves that rustle still

The wild now may have free will

Let savage forces yet be heard

Save men, all else stays undisturbed

And in the art of lying still

I hear the strum of life’s refill

Nature cares no more of my opinion

I dangle in a web of its dominion

And I might lie here till it rains

till this pause reaches my veins

morphing calmly into scenery

I am blank to repaint history

©Alyssa Skyes

Poetry Vein | The Pause

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