• ©Alyssa Skyes


I'm curled in a ball, hugging my knees

Though no one will notice, it's not what you see

I go through the motions, and I do them well

But my eyes are empty, I'm surprised you can't tell.

I long for the breath that will warm my skin

I have far been colorless, wondering of sin

My thoughts come apart as I try to mend,

Every motion distracted by the efforts I bend.

I imagine my purpose, bare & resolved

Try to release deep intention evolved

But my lungs fill with water, all actions drowned 

As I silence my dreams from making a sound.

Expel me your energy, thoughts and narration

Glue me to together so I feel no temptation

Anchor your mouth too close to my ear

And whisper me life cause I can't seem to hear.

I beg for delay, I'm not ready to concede

I'm calculating which muscles I need to breathe

Then I will emit all the life I can give

When I discover what I need to live.

©Alyssa Skyes

Poetry Vein | Efforts

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