• ©Alyssa Skyes


The silence in the earth brings

a ringing in the sky

The ocean blue sits empty

As birds circle way up high

Animals and insects dance

As all but humans flourish

emerging creatures take a chance

Off mother nature’s nourish

I all alone move in a pause

Amid the noise of silence

Now futures unpredictable

Be it controlled or be it science

There’s a feeling of a wild force

That’s been waiting all along

Connecting lines to form this course

We but watch from dusk to dawn

And tucked away in painted boxes

For our own endangered species

We hide from the invisible

Mulling over books n prophecies

Can the sunlight that spills carelessly

Bleaching color off my bones

paint a maze to some recovery?

It’s all but guessing, no one knows

©Alyssa Skyes

Poetry Vein | Quarantine

#poetry #art #quarantine #2020

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