• ©Alyssa Skyes

Wavering Wishes

The words I would tell you if indeed you were here

I keep my eyes closed as I am licked by the air

There’s a state of mind that I cannot shake

I make a wish with the wish I unmake

My heart jumps out all on its own

Not feeling steady in flesh and bone

With the poison of love that desperately craves

A body to fill and a mind to waive

Oh words I’d enact if my home was your home

But words are just words & certainly don’t know

The delicate dance of the emotional game

And can’t read themselves on how to stay sane

So I can’t turn to mind for its tainted at best

And my truest dreams still give me no rest

My heart on the billboard gives pressured opinion

Though all secretly feeling a thirst for dominion

Still words I would show you would be unrestrained

for feelings as these should not be contained.

In this state of mind, You I cannot shake

I make a wish with the wish I unmake.

©Alyssa Skyes

Poetry Vein | Wavering Wishes

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