• ©Alyssa Skyes


I implore and I move, I writhe so there'll be

A chance to re feel how I used to feel me

Some emotion that riles me, fixing my tone

That stirs & revolts me, till I am reborn

Seeking out drama that bring feelings to life

To mess the perfection I scratch the design

Cause tied to the bottom of the ocean floor

I stretch towards the light & I breathe in more

I doubt I’d survive being dragged with the mud

Yet I search out ways to paint with my blood,

I run to the winds that carve into my bones

They reveal I am fluid when I feel like stone

Tell me you look for that action as well

we work towards having our hungers quelled

And practice stability, safety and silence

Yet our ears can’t quiet the ringing of sirens

©Alyssa Skyes

Poetry Vein | Sirens

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